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05 Jun 2016

How to properly Seafoam your Jeep Wrangler JK

This video shows how to properly use Seafoam to clean out your intake manifold on a Jeep Wrangler JK. This process will clean out your intake manifold and break up the carbon deposits to make your engine run smoother again like when it was new.

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23 Feb 2015

Introducing my buddy AdventureDex

AdventureDex has a great youtube channel like mine sharing DIY and How-To Jeep videos. Check him out, get some great videos and support the Jeep community!

16 Feb 2015

How to Drive Your Jeep Wrangler with 4wd in the Snow

A beginners guide to using the 4WD in your Jeep safely. The difference between 4H and 4L and when and how to use each.

01 Aug 2014

Quick Tip: Changing your Wrangler’s Windshield Wipers

In this quick tip, I’ll show you how you can change your Wrangler’s windshield wipers in under 5 minutes.